Amazon of Europe Bike Trail

The project was successfully finished.

Short summary

Amazon of Europe Bike Trail is a Danube Transnational Programme Project that joins the efforts of 5 countries (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia) to establish an internationally recognized and sustainable flagship Cycling Tourism Product in the future 5-country UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube (TBR MDD).

The aim of the Project is Sustainable Economic Development of the region, based on Valorisation of Natural and Cultural Resources. We will implement a joint Integrated Solution for Sustainable Cycling Tourism, while preserving the Environment.

To develop Amazon of Europe Bike Trail as a flagship Sustainable Tourism product and Unique Brand, the Project Partnership will firstly establish the Organisational and Information System, resulting in a joint Bookable Product with clear Unique Selling Proposition of incredible Riverine Landscapes. Based on Nature-oriented Visitor Guidance, existing Cycling Routes will be equipped with commonly designed Infrastructure (resting areas, info points), resulting in more than 1000 km of a joint Bike Trail along both sides of the rivers MuraDrava and Danube.



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Lead partner: Iskriva, Institute for Development of Local Potentials (Slovenia)

PP1: Municipality Velika Polana (Slovenia)

PP2: World Wide Fund for Nature Austria - WWF Austria (Austria)

PP3: Trail Angels GmbH (Austria)

PP4: Tourism Association Region Bad Radkersburg (Austria)

PP5: Tourism Board of Meðimurje County (Croatia)

PP6: Public Institution for Management of Protected Parts of Nature and Ecological Network in Virovitica Podravina County (Croatia)

PP7: Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja ltd for International and Regional Cooperation (Croatia)

PP8: Koprivnica Kri¾evci County (Croatia)

PP9: WWF Adria - Association for the Protection of Nature and Conservation of Biological Diversity (Croatia)

PP10: Nyugat-Pannon Nonprofit Kft. (Magyarország)

PP11: Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság (Magyarország)

PP12: Somogy Megyei Vállalkozó Központ Alapítvány (Magyarország)

IPA PP1: City of Sombor (Serbia)

IPA PP2: Municipality of Apatin (Serbia)



All documents are available at the homepage of the project:


Facts and  information 

Programme: Danube Transnational Programme – INTERREG DANUBE

Lead Partner: Iskriva, Institute for Development of Local Potentials (SI)

Start date: 01-06-2018

End date: 31-10-2021

Overall project budget: 3 319 560 EUR

Westpannon’s budget:  193 950 EUR