Establishment of a Regional Information and Development Network (SI-HU-2-2-018)

The Regional Information and Development Network (Reg-Net) project aims to gather all the actors of the Slovenian-Hungarian border region who wish to actively participate in the development of the programming area through their past and future activities, thus contributing to the establishment of a network-based development founded on the idea of cooperation. The direct objectives of the project: the active involvement of the regional development stakeholders, the creation of cross-border regional development institutions, the development of cross-border development programs, the establishment of a Slovenian-Hungarian geographical information system (for the purpose of regional development), project incubation activities (active consultance) to support these initiatives.


Professional tasks carried out during the project:

  • a partner map consisting of the participants of previous SI-HU operational programs;

  • a stakeholder analysis focusing on the examination of the SI-HU tender activity in the border region;

  • a cross-border development strategy involving the areas for development and break points in the border region;

  • arranging a 60-hour-training, during which trainees could familiarize themselves thoroughly with the challenges of the border region and the successful initiatives;

  • the creation of a 2-year-program plan of a development umbrella organization;

  • the development of a project development methodology, which helps support the projects yet to be developed;

  • professional support for 12 projects in preparation for the 2014-2020 funding period.



Lead partner:

Municipality of Vas County (Client)

Razvojni center Murska Sobota (Development Center Murska Sobota)
Znanstveno-raziskovalno sredisce Bistra Ptuj (Bistra Scientific Research Center Ptuj)
Regionalna razvojna agencija Mura d.o.o. (Regional Development Agency Ltd Mur)


Available materials:

Partner map:
Stakeholder analysis:
Cross-border Development Strategy
The 2-year-program plan of the Cross-border Umbrella Organization
Professional support for 12 projects


Facts and figures:

Funding program: Slovenia-Hungary Cross-border Cooperation Operational Program 2007-2013
Lead partner: Municipality of Vas County
Project duration: 1st October 2011 – 31st December 2014