Tündérvár Nursery


Project title: “Kunsziget, the New Tündérvár (Fairy Castle) 3-Room-Kindergarten – Establishing the 100-Portion-Kitchen"

Project identification number: NYDOP-5.3.1/B-12-2013-0018

Name of the beneficiary: Municipality of Kunsziget

Brief summary

The Municipality of Kunsziget submitted the tender on 18 March 2013 to the MAG – Hungarian Economic Development Center. The tender was supported on 3 June 2013 and the Grant Contract was settled on 3 July 2013.

The basic idea behind the architectural concept of the new Tündérvár Kindergarten with 3 rooms established as part of the project was to give the rooms an emblematic individual architectural appearance, or as separate small buildings, as if creating a ‚small street“. These small individual living spaces, or little ‚fairy gardens‘ are linked with a joint passageway. The sunlight can enter the rooms from the playfully lifted room at roof level and from the upside through a light inlet placed on the roof plane.

The divisible room for speech-language pathology and a supply closet, as well as a bathroom for the staff and an accesible one are situated next to the main entrance. The administration and service blocks are at the corner of the complex, at the corridor of the complex together with the hall. The service part of the building has a basement, which provides space for the machinery of the heating system, and a locker room for the nurses – and a resting place.

The kitchen of the kindergarten has to provide a 300-portion-catering in the long run, ensuring safe food disposal. In the garden of the new kindergarten, a new yard („playground“)  – in accordance with the standards was established.

Under the project, the furniture and the equipment of the 3. room, the established kitchen, the technological equipment for the kitchen, and development tools for SNI children, as well as outdoor toys were purchased. 

By using an innovative, eco-friendly architectural element (wood chips boiler), its „playful“ familiarization, and using selective waste collection, the environmental friendly education already strengthens at a kindergarten age.

By the complete and complex accessibility of the building the conditions of an  integrated material education is based, thus the kindergarten is suitable for receiving more children with special educational needs and more disadvantaged children.

Available materials:

In the case of this project, the Municipality of Kunsziget, as Beneficiary of the project, in order for the project’s implementation to be effective and successful, involved an external expert to be responsible for the project management tasks. These are handled by the West Pannon Nonprofit Ltd.

 Part of the agreement includes the project management organization to:


  • set up a project management organization;
  • accounting and financial reporting related to the tender, and the preparation of the related documentation regarding missing documents
  • interim reports and the preparation of the related documentation;
  • compile aid contract modifications and change reports;
  • provide information about the project’s progress continuously to the designated contact determined by the client via e-mail or personally;
  • coordination and communication with the client, partners, principal and administrations;
  • personal consultation with the client at least once every two weeks;
  • prepare a control file ensuring preparation for site visits and audits by the IB;
  • participation in on-site inspections.

Facts and figures

Program: West Transdanubian Operational Program

Lead partner: in this case, beneficiary: Municipality of Kunsziget

Project duration: 15th October 2013 – 30th September 2014

ERDF funding: 120,000,000 HUF